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The following is the feature I wrote for the Irish Post on the occasion of LIHH 25th anniversary and launch of new website and logo.


Leeds Irish Health and Homes reflect on 25 years of service but with clear vision for the future.

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letters to Lucia published



An entertainment

by Richard Rose and James Vollmar

With a foreword by Senator David Norris, Seanad Éireann

Lucia Anna Joyce, only daughter of renowned Irish author James Joyce, died in 1982 in St Andrew’s Hospital Northampton.

Every year on Bloomsday, June 16th, her grave in Kingsthorpe Cemetery is the focus for Joyce enthusiasts from Northampton and further afield to gather and celebrate Lucia’s life and to share readings from her father’s work. Celebrants and attendees over the years have included hospital staff who knew Lucia, Joyce’s biographer Gordon Bowker, Sean Cannon from the Dubliners, representatives of the Irish Embassy in London and members of the Triskellion Irish Theatre Company, based in Nottingham.

Bloomsday Northampton UK R Gerry Molumby as Joyce and 3rd Peter Mulligan Nothampton Irish Ass. who organised the event

In 2018 local writers Richard Rose and James Vollmar decided to enhance the usual readings with a short play called Letters to Lucia structured around fictional letters to Lucia from key personalities who knew her, including her father and mother, the playwright Samuel Beckett and Kathleen Neel who had performed with Lucia in a Paris dance troupe. Frank Budgen, artist and writer and close confidante of the Joyce family, acted as narrator.  Members of Triskellion Irish Theatre Company performed the play in costume and incidental music was provided by Irish Champion Piper  Colin O’Loughlin on the Uillean pipes.

Cast Musicians Writer Director and VIP guests at Bloomsday Nothampton 2018 Cormac Molumby

Now Triskellion Publications give readers the opportunity to own a copy of this unique playscript with additional material by the writers detailing the genesis of the project and a rare interview with Sheila George, an occupational therapist who worked with Lucia at St Andrew’s.

The book has a forward by noted Joyce scholar and Senator in the Irish Parliament David Norris.

For Joyce enthusiasts and those who would like to know more about this extraordinary family and its links to Dublin, Paris, Zurich, Trieste and Northampton Letters to Lucia represents a valuable addition to existing Joycean commentary from a unique angle. For theatre companies it provides a text for performance and an opportunity to share this work with their audiences far and wide.

Letters to Lucia is available  from me

£8 including packaging and postage

Irish Post review of Letters to Lucia

Gerry Molumby reflects on 25 years promoting Irish Arts in Britain with Triskellion Theatre Company

When asked to look back on 25 years of Triskellion plays, concerts and cabaret I was pleased that, as a keen photographer, I had archived some pictures which helped to resurrect good memories over those many years. So in the past few months I have created the  profile , which can be read/downloaded below :


Ministerial Approval, Ciarán Cannon Irish Minister for the Diaspora receiving his copy at Leeds Irish Centre . He was there as part of his worldwide visits to the Irish Diaspora in shaping the Government’s long term engagement policy 

Irish Post feature front page of Brochure

Triskellion Irish Theatre and Concert Productions 1994 ~2019.pub1

triskellion dps 2


Embassy Reception April 16th for Irish Dancing 2014 John Cullinane author of Irish Dancing in London and Patrick O'Connell OBE. Picture Gerry Molumby

Maurice O’Connell Irish Dance History in London . Gerry Molumby

Sebastian Barry at Liverpool Irish Festival September 2019 Gerry Molumby.JPGWho is the Croke of the park and cathedral and diocese  ?

Who is the Croke of Croke Park and how he has left ‘ selfie’ on his cathedral . Gerry Molumby 2017

Thurles Cathedral grounds and town in May sunshine 2017. Gerry Molumby (29).JPG


Tipperary surgeon , doctor Gerry O’Donoghue is giving patients their voice back with pioneering hearing implants.

Dr Gerry O'Donoghue.jpg


My Day at home with George Bernard Shaw.

At home with George Bernard Shaw October 2016 Gerry%0D%0A Molumby  (11).JPG



From Waterford to Leicestershire permanently .

From Waterford to Leicestershire permanently by Gerry Molumby

Mount Melleray.jpg


From Templemore to a place in World War 1 history. 

Fr. Gleeson as painted by Fortunina Matania . Part of Irish men in World War 1 Museum of Ireland . Picture Gerry Molumby

Fr. Gleeson as painted by Fortunina Matania . Part of Irish men in World War 1 Museum of Ireland 2009  . Picture Gerry Molumby

From Templemore to a place in World War 1 history

From Templemore to a place in World War 1 history


Angela’s Ashes a Musical – and it works . Gerry Molumby

Angela’s Ashes a Musical – and it works . Gerry Molumby


It’s a long way to Tipperary’ The world’s most famous marching song was composed in a pub in Balsall Common, Warwickshire, in the British midlands. Gerry Molumby


Has it held the warm June weather original


The First Rose of Summer – Gerry Molumby September 2015

Image result for kick kennedy in london

 Joe , Kathleen and John Fitzgerald Kennedy in London 1939

Image result for kick kennedy in london


When I founded Triskellion Irish Theatre and Concert Productions in 1994 I used the mission statement of ‘Ireland and its diaspora’, it was incorporated into our logo with the harp of Ireland being pages of a script and the TTC (Triskellion Theatre Company ) forming the strings in the Brian Boru harp.

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